Question about my period?

Answer A tingly feeling associated with needing to pee more frequently than usual is much more likely to be cystitis or other bladder infection than the start of a period. Starting a period is more likely... Read More »

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I have a period question?

Eating properly, taking a daily multi-vitamin, exercise, 8 hours of sleep each night and lots of water will make you feel better every day, but especially on your period. Sleep and water are essent... Read More »

Question about Period Please help?

it's just a lighter period. happens occasionally to everyone; even normally heavy ones.

Period question..please!!!?

Don't's totally normal for it to be all irregular and last at different times. My first one (last october) lasted 5 days. My second lasted 2 days, and it came 28 days after the first. My ... Read More »

I have a period question!?

Aww, babe. Sometimes that happens when you first get it. Yes, even after six months. Sometimes it takes a while to stabilize. Mine still changes when I travel or if I'm sick/stressed or if I en... Read More »