Question about my macbook pro?

Answer it's because the image is too small for your resolution. Go to your desktop background settings and change picture position to "Center". But doing this, it will not cover the whole screen.

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MacBook 13 Pro question?

"Will it run cooler? YES! My HDDs run about 38 degree C, and my SSD runs at 31 degrees C."Will it weigh less? The same or one ounce less. Nothing to even think about."How would overall performance ... Read More »

Question about MacBook Pro Settings?

I play on a macbook pro as well. It is not a virus, its just a configuration setting for where your minecraft.jar is located. I have NO idea how to find this thing, but at least you know its not a ... Read More »

Question about buying a macbook.?

Do you really need a laptop? I suggest you bring a desktop and a spiral notebook, and see if you actually have use for a laptop. I was under the delusion that every college kid needed a laptop, spe... Read More »

Apple MacBook question?

The way to do it if you're clicking on a link is to right-click (or hold Ctrl + click if you don't have a 2-button mouse), and clicking on 'Open Link in New Window' on the drop-down menu to open th... Read More »