Question about my finances. Using overage check to pay off auto loan a good idea?

Answer So IF you went to your grandma and asked her for $5000 for college and she gives you the money from her IRA, then you turn around and use it to buy a car for peace of mind, then scrape to maybe pay... Read More »

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Is getting a hard money loan a good idea?

On One Hand: If It Is Your Only Option.Hard money loans are secured with an asset, usually real estate, and acquired from a private source because banks refuse to approve the individual for a regul... Read More »

Is home loan modification a good idea?

On One Hand: Loan Modification can be a Good IdeaLoan modification adjusts the terms, rate and payment of a loan in order to prevent foreclosure. This program is a good way to keep home owners in t... Read More »

How do you cash an auto insurance check that is made out to you and the loan company?

you need to check first your account and then you get itYou will have to take or send it to the loan company. They have the first right to any money from the check to cover the outstanding loan amo... Read More »

Can a bank offer you a settlement on a charged off auto loan and later refuse the settlement offer because you received a check from your auto insurance company to fix your car from an accident?

Answer Yes, the bank or any lending institution can withdraw any offer unless a contract has been signed by all parties.