Question about my computer getting slow and my internet too please help?

Answer You need to keep your computer clean. This is the first thing I would try. It is free. This will help you clean your computer and optimize it to help you run smooth and fast. Love, honeyhttp://... Read More »

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Question about internet download speed. (internet connection, please help)?

your plan is 2 megabits .......not megabytes....1 megabyte = 8 megabits1200 KB = 1 megabyteso take 2 divided by 8 comes out to 0.25 megabyteswhich ='s 250 KB/sif you go to www.speedtest.netthere is... Read More »

My computer and internet is running slow the past two days can you help me please?

take the weather into consideration, the Internet is operated by satellites...or try turning off your modem and let it cool off

External har drive getting slow! Please help?

if you are using external 3.5 hard drive, i think the casing which has chips is causing the problem. try using your disk as slave in your pc. using ide or sata cable. if it still slow therefore the... Read More »

My INTERNET is very slow GUYZ PLEASE HELP!!!!?

Increase ur Bandwidth..Close unneeded Services/software which use InternetClear temp files/cookies in browser..:)