Question about my braces?

Answer Yes, since your teeth are moving your tongue is "confused" at their new placement. The places you used to regularly keep your tongue in sleep now might have teeth in them so you subconsciously bi... Read More »

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A Question About Braces?

they pull teeth out because they need to give your teeth more space. because your teeth need to be in ONE orderly row, if your teeth are too big, because they didnt grow properly, they need to pull... Read More »

Question About Braces!?

I have braces but without the wire(get the wires Thursday) but I will try to answer ur questions. 1 maybe turquoise and pink ? I only have pink right now2 pink3well my brackets(without the wire) t... Read More »

Question about braces?

Hey dont worry AT ALL! just go to the orthodontist dont worry about it!!!! That happened to me (2 brackets) really quickly and they just sme and fixed them. Dont be afraid to ask. Its not a big dea... Read More »

Quick question about braces?

Just depends on where your teeth are at. Hopefully they're in the right spot for him to take them off, but if they aren't its worth the wait to get them right.