Question about my bobble bottle?

Answer Throw it in the trash and buy a new one.

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Surfing the net drinking my bottle of coke begs the question coca cola or pepsi?

COKE!! all the way...i have a friend whos obssesed with coke, no exaggeration! She drinks 2 liters a day and has every possible coke thing there is!

Hey im 16 and i gotta question lets say u flushed a pill bottle down the toilet and the pipes clogged.?

Actually, you should tell your parents.You need help, and you need to quit smokin' that stuff. Better yet, call the police, tell them what happened, and ask them for help.

How to Bobble Stitch?

A bobble stitch is a small raised area of knitting that puffs out from the ground of flat knitting. It is accomplished by making several increases in one stitch, knitting a few short rows on those ... Read More »

"Water Bobble"?

They are really great! I bought two of them for my youngest kids to take to school. They leave them at their desks incase they get thirsty. My kids are so picky with different tastes of bottled ... Read More »