Question about my Dell AIO 926 Printer?

Answer You are partly right that the carriage is jammed. The trouble is that you may not be able to clear it. It is underneath the ink tanks First take out all of the cartridges and see if you can see any... Read More »

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Question about Dell printer?

Disconnect the Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable from the back of the product, but leave the product turned onOpen the cover of the product and remove the print cartridgesClose the cover and wait fo... Read More »

Can I use a different brand/make printer with me dell laptop Or does it have to be a dell printer only?

You can use any printer as long as you have the right hook-up and the appropriate driver. You only need to use dell parts if your laptop breaks down and needs replacement parts.XR

I have a dell lap top and i was thinking about purchasing a printer?

Consider the cost of the INK. I highly recommend a Canon printer and here's why: Cheaper ink; separate color ink cartridges, so you don't waste unused ink when one color runs out; Best photo prin... Read More »

Question about printer drivers ?

No it's because of the display programming in the printer installation software.I have got two printers as well and they do exactly the same as yours.Perfectly normal.