Question about mp3 players?

Answer i think it means battery life - cause hours of songs is very much dependant on the size of the music files u put in it.(i might be wrong though)actually i reckon that a 512mb is good enough (was ev... Read More »

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Blu-Ray Players Question?

no there will be no differnce, differ companies, cheaper too makeps3, jus got fixed go with it

Quick question about DVD players?

Now is easy to get multiregion dvd, and cheap. The is a lot of chinese brands that work good on this, you can have one for $30, good luck!

Question about multi-region DVD players?

They're as easy to use as any other DVD player. But remember that DVDs from the USA are also NTSC format, not PAL format, so you *might* need a player that also can convert from NTSC to PAL (or a T... Read More »

What is the name of the tv game show which had a 4-answer question and the two players could pick as many answers as they wanted?

you could try youtube or if you type in blinkx remote on google it might be on there