Question about mono?

Answer Yes she can catch mono from you. You have been contagious for 5-7 weeks. The only way she won't get it is if she's had it before. She could have had it as a child, you can get mono anytime and b... Read More »

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Do you think this could be mono?

ahh the classic mono yep I had that.. now its gone :)how do you get rid of mono? get a usda organic jar of coconut oil and start eatingits anti-viral so it gets rid of mono fast! 5-14 days is norma... Read More »

How to Know You Have Mono?

Nicknamed "the kissing disease," mono (infectious mononucleosis) is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, which is transmitted via saliva. Although not as contagious as a cold, you can get mono from ki... Read More »

Do you think I have mono?

its possible because it can cause severe tiredness, no energy and aching all over but also fever. But get a doctor to check you ASAP cause you sound like you really need to also if you happen to ha... Read More »

Do you think I could have mono?

definitely see a doctor, but I think you have allergies on steroids that has lead to an auto-immune condition. Which is your immune system is attacking your body, especially joints in error. I had ... Read More »