Question about micro sd memory card?

Answer first of all being a geek it bothers me that you said that micro sd is the smallest format, it is actually memory stick m2 micro, sorry im such a geek. now for your problem I think that you are rig... Read More »

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Does a micro SD memory card increase memory for video or just photos?

32G is 32G regardless if it's micro or regular sd cards. Look in your manual towards the end of the back, it will tell you how much video your card will hold. I would not buy a 32G card. I would bu... Read More »

How i open my micro memory card?

This should work for you:…Follow those instructions and you should be all set :-)

Micro sd memory card error?

There are actually quite a few very good freeware options for recovery:…Recommend starting with PhotoRec as it's capable of recovering most filetypes:http:... Read More »

Which micro sd memory card would be better for capturing slo-mo?

The SD card manufacturer does not have any impact to the quality of the images stored.Assuming the write speed is fast enough to write the digital video or stills being stored, then all the zeroes ... Read More »