Question about makeup?

Answer A slight amount of bronzer, the lightest.Or use a foundation the rest of ur skin color to make it look natural and real.Hope this helped!

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Makeup question?

Both A and C are very good ideas. And I applaud you for wanting to start at the right age and not doing this when you're too young. I think I'm going to vote for C, because not only is it a good wa... Read More »

Makeup question...please help! :)?

Use BB-Cream it's the best for any skin imperfections :) It covers shadows and unwanted colorations and makes your skin color even. It also works as sun screen and you can use it without any other ... Read More »

Makeup please:(?

Don't be nervous love! Im JUST leaving highschool and I wish i didnt waste so much money on making myself look good hahaMineral makeup is good because liquid runs sometimes or makes your face oily!... Read More »

8th grade makeup question?

That looks great for your age :) If you have the opportunity to experiment with different types of eyeliners, I'd do so. Pencils/ Kohls tend to look a bit more chalky than others. They are the best... Read More »