Question about keg stands. How is the beer able to go down upside down?

Answer…As I answered last time you asked this but chose an ignorant answer opposed my my correct answer, its peristalsis.

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How to Do an Upside Down Question Mark?

With most standard fonts (on Windows based operating systems), creating an "upside-down question mark" is possible via alternative characters.

What does an upside down question mark mean?

The upside-down question mark, which is a punctuation device in Spanish, means the same as a right-side-up question mark -- that the statement is a question. The upside-down question mark goes at t... Read More »

How do u make the upside down question mark on your key board?

this is not so much a monitor question but a software or language questionthe key command is alt + 0191use the numpad, the numbers across the top will not workyou could also open character map and ... Read More »

While shutting down my PC, my computer screen got upside down. Is it a virus ?

try pressing CTRl + ALT+ plus signCTRl + ALT+ minus signCTRl + ALT+ pg up signCTRl + ALT+ pg down signit did solve when i had a problem. it is definately a virus attack. run AVG free scanner or un... Read More »