Question about installing linux (ubuntu)?

Answer this is what u need to do for all Linux distributions.You need a root partition where Linux will be installed. You need a home partition which will contain all ur music, files, etc, and ur own prog... Read More »

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(Ubuntu Linux) question about wireless internet usb?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Wireless DocumentationCards Supported…Troubleshooting/Howto/General…In the event of y... Read More »

Question about Installing Windows XP?

Yes, you certainly can do it. Make sure to follow all the succeeding instructions well.

Question about ubuntu phone?

Yes, there will be a phone which is specifically made for Ubuntu.

Question about Ubuntu and Vista?

Why do people hate Vista? A person is smart, cool-headed, and willing to learn (most of the time). People on the other hand are basically illogical, and will say with the wind just because of what ... Read More »