Question about highlights!!! please help?

Answer It should work but make shore it has been long enough sense you have colored your hair.You don't want your hair to turn green or anything.

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Question About my TV [please help] .?

Question about C.Urgent help,please.?

Loop this line only!x[i]=x[i-1]+x[i-2];Because you are not going to create all the numbers first and count how many I would suggest that you make the array 1000 elements.That is not an excessive si... Read More »

Question about Caulk--Please help!?

step on the tube ,full force and with the nozzle pointing into the direction of application! then take your Big toe and even it out!

Question about motors (please help)?

A motor needs commutated to reverse the magnetic field. A DC motor must commutate itself, or be commutated externally with electronics. A DC motor also often use a permanent magnet to push/pull aga... Read More »