Question about ghosting a computer?

Answer I call the junk I leave on the computer ectoplasm too.

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3D Ghosting/Crosstalk !!!?

3D for television is a relatively new technology I used to be a TV Engineer. There may be a modification to it but that would have to be done by the Manufacturers. You should Google the model numbe... Read More »

How to Load an Image Onto a PC Using Ghosting?

What is ghosting? The Ghosting application basically performs two tasks, loading and dumping images. An image is a snapshot taken of everything (applications, operating system and settings) on a PC... Read More »

Does ghosting a bong hit get you more high?

ghosting any hit will get you more high more is abosrbed.

Is ghosting more often a problem with LCD monitors than for LCD hdtv's?

That all depends on the specific display, but the short answer is the HDTV is more likely to suffer ghosting problems.The larger an LCD is the more the Black to white response time will be, (not gr... Read More »