Question about getting your braces off?

Answer it WILL stink like hell from all the food stuck in them that you cant get out. and it will hurt like hell for a couple days.

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First question: gettin braces 2nd question...?

my 13 year old daughter got braces recently and all her friends told her that it would hurt but they actually didn't hurt. She loves them. Yes you will have to wear a retainer after wards for yea... Read More »

Braces question!!!!!!?

Hmmm no hun. I've had braces a year and a half and i got rubber bands like 2 months after i got them on! You have them on a long time! Wear them really good! When they give you rubber bands that me... Read More »

Getting Braces Off! (question)?

From what I remember, your teeth will be a little tender when the braces come off because they're re-adjusting since they aren't being held in place any more. It doesn't hurt when they take the ac... Read More »

Question about braces?

Hey dont worry AT ALL! just go to the orthodontist dont worry about it!!!! That happened to me (2 brackets) really quickly and they just sme and fixed them. Dont be afraid to ask. Its not a big dea... Read More »