Question about getting your braces off?

Answer it WILL stink like hell from all the food stuck in them that you cant get out. and it will hurt like hell for a couple days.

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Getting braces soon and I have a question about the procedure?

I don't really understand, I also had a huge gap, but now i have a small one, but I never heard about the " snapping " thing. If you wan't to know the real procedure of putting braces on, then i ca... Read More »

Getting Braces Off! (question)?

From what I remember, your teeth will be a little tender when the braces come off because they're re-adjusting since they aren't being held in place any more. It doesn't hurt when they take the ac... Read More »

Im scared about getting braces?

Oh! I remember when I had to out that mold in my mouth, it was disgusting. I remember feeling exactly the way you feel, wanting to throw up and all. Don't worry though! Braces are nothing like that... Read More »

Getting braces in about a month?

It won't take more than an hour and won't hurt at that tie but it might hurt in few coming days as it might swell and once your mouth get used to it, all will be fine.