Question about food and preparation...?

Answer Agree with Betty, but I certainly would discard any meat, poultry, fish or dairy item that was left out at 70 degrees or above for more than 1 hour. I'm guessing the higher temperature relates to j... Read More »

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In my country, we eat sweet potatoes !And it seems to work !Of course doing excersize on a daily basis will help too !Hope this helped !Answer mine....;…

Food question about chicken?

It doesn't matter if it was tightly sealed or not. Chicken should be well chilled and not sitting out in 80 degree temperatures. Toss it in the bin, it is loaded with bacterial spores, that can giv... Read More »

Question about food poisoning?

Food poisoning is caused my a microbial contaminant in food such as e.coli and samonilla. Eating contaminated foods will cause a response in your body to rid of it by vomiting or diarrhea. The symp... Read More »

Question about chinese food?