Question about financial aid.. please help!!!?

Answer No, No, No. If your EFC is 0 than you are eligible for up to $5350 in grants. Usually you will get them all (5350.) (9 out of 10-if you were truthful on your app.-your school will probably ask for ... Read More »

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Question About my TV [please help] .?

PLEASE HELP. Question about wrist?

You could have caused a fracture or even broken bones yes u need medical treatment a Dr or a nurse at the medical center would check or simply go to a walk in center, Hope you ... Read More »

Question about Period Please help?

it's just a lighter period. happens occasionally to everyone; even normally heavy ones.

Help please, question about piercings?

Duct tape. The man needs lots of duct tape(((Nelly)))I'm sure you can figure out a way to get him to stop ; )