Question about fiber supplements.....?

Answer I'm sure I can find a way to ease your pain, Jack! Wait a minute! Haven't you been making bran muffins? You've got the recipe wrong again, I'll wager.You are incorrigible, as a chef, but gifted wit... Read More »

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Are fiber supplements good?

On One Hand: Good For Many Health ProblemsFiber supplements have been found to help reduce cholesterol levels, normalize blood sugar, decrease constipation, and relieve irritable bowel syndrome and... Read More »

Can fiber supplements cleanse the colon?

On One Hand: Psyllium Supplements Are EffectiveThe main ingredient in fiber supplements is psyllium, and it is usually mixed with flax seed and other fiber sources. According to Medline Plus, durin... Read More »

Google Fiber question?

Torrents and piracy are not the same. There are many legitimate uses for torrents (such as downloading Linux OSes). As for if they could block questionable websites, yes. However you could also use... Read More »

I don't believe in supplements?

Which supplements? There are thousands of nutritional and herbal supplements.Basic vitamin and mineral supplements are NOT drugs that you take to mask symptoms - they are nutrients that are essent... Read More »