Question about feminine itch?

Answer Is that like when you bat your eyelashes all pretty while you're scratchin' yourself?Sorry, I couldn't think of anything more feminine than that...except maybe scratching yourself with flowers or s... Read More »

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Question about jock itch?

Okay, and now you have to get an anti itch cream for your relief. Later maybe an healing cream and remember this for the next time not to use it on the skin..

How to Be a Feminine Guy?

Many men are now choosing to get in touch with their softer feminine side. This guide is merely a series of numbered tips, none of which need to be carried out in any particular order, to become mo... Read More »

How to Be Feminine?

You don't have to be super girly or dress in pink every day to be more feminine. If you're not in touch with your feminine side, either from a lifetime of being a tomboy or a long period of taking ... Read More »

How to Become More Feminine?

Have you ever felt like you needed to become more lady-like? Have you ever had your boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife or parent(s) say they wanted you to look more feminine? If you are lost at HOW... Read More »