Question about eyebrow shapingplease read! ?

Answer Yeah, seven weeks ought to do it I think. But just to be safe, I would start coating your eyebrows in petroleum jelly (Vaseline) every night before bed, and then let it soak over night. Petroleum j... Read More »

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Question about eyebrow ring?

Your link doesn't work, and perhaps some more information?How old is the piercing?anything less than 3 weeks, leave it alone. But if you're keeping the bar in, and just changing the balls, there sh... Read More »

Question about eyebrow color?

This is probably as good a time as any to tell you that you will be executing my will. You have unlimited access to my climate controlled private chocolate stash in return - I can't take it with me... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: if you read the Georg & Bill question, read this too ='( 5 minutes long but important...?

Odd question but how to keep eyebrow area from swelling after gettin waxed?

Three things help a lot: *Ice *Aloe*CucumberUse the ice first, very briefly (ice makes things red too-but this will help with swelling) then add the aloe and if you have the time; put cucumbers on ... Read More »