Question about drinking pepsi?

Answer No, it should not unless you are allergic or anything?

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Surfing the net drinking my bottle of coke begs the question coca cola or pepsi?

COKE!! all the way...i have a friend whos obssesed with coke, no exaggeration! She drinks 2 liters a day and has every possible coke thing there is!

Question About Drinking?

Your pretty light but I still doubt that one beer would do too much to you. At that weight you would probably get a slight buzz which would go away pretty fast. I would recommend anywhere from 4-6 ... Read More »

Question about drinking in Las Vegas?

I have seen it done, price varies from bar or club to club. But it is a fun thing to do.

I'm drinking Pepsi everyday is it bad for me?

Too much sugar.Drink water, just like God sent it.