Question about downloading from my Cannon ZR800?

Answer If you have a pc, any standard firewire card will work. You already have a wire that connects to it from your camcorder. USB is another type of connection and not really good for video. A good dvd ... Read More »

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Question about a Cannon fs100 camcorder?

I really don't know the answer...But I looked it up. :)Must be of some help.

Printer question about downloading a driver.?…You should try automatic tool the HP support site has, that I pasted up top, to locate the drivers for you. --You have the series model line (HP Deskjet F... Read More »

Question about downloading (music vs. porn)?

"The amount of pornography on the internet can be difficult to fathom. A total of 4.2 million websites contain pornography."- Every second - $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography.- Every 39 minut... Read More »

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