Question about downloading from my Cannon ZR800?

Answer If you have a pc, any standard firewire card will work. You already have a wire that connects to it from your camcorder. USB is another type of connection and not really good for video. A good dvd ... Read More »

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Question about a Cannon fs100 camcorder?

I really don't know the answer...But I looked it up. :)Must be of some help.

Hi!! Downloading question.?

CNET Downloads is one of the best software providers on the internet.Yes, it is safe and go ahead and download anything you want from there.Although I would be wary of some of the low ranked things... Read More »

Printer question about downloading a driver.?…You should try automatic tool the HP support site has, that I pasted up top, to locate the drivers for you. --You have the series model line (HP Deskjet F... Read More »

Question about downloading (music vs. porn)?

"The amount of pornography on the internet can be difficult to fathom. A total of 4.2 million websites contain pornography."- Every second - $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography.- Every 39 minut... Read More »