Question about domain names?

Answer If you purchase a domain name, it belongs to you unless someone else can challenge your use of the name, such as if you are using someone else's trademark or company name as part of the domain name... Read More »

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How to Buy Taken Domain Names?

A taken domain name is one that is already registered. However, the owner may be willing to sell the domain name to you, especially if there isn't a website on it already. The price she asks will d... Read More »

How to Set up Domain Names?

Without a domain name, anyone wanting to operate a website must operate a subdomain on someone else's website. Knowing how to set up a domain name, however, allows you to have your own, unique webs... Read More »

How do I acquire domain names?

Register with an accredited registrarRegister a Web domain through one of the accredited registrars of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. There are hundreds of registrar... Read More »

Who manages domain names?

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority partly manages domain names. Through its Domain Name Services department, IANA scrutinizes requests to change country code domain managers and delegates admi... Read More »