Question about curious symptoms from partaking overly much of wine...?

Answer It sounds like you are suffering from a "bangover". It's like a "hangover", except it results from the mixture of too much alcohol and too many good friends of questionable sexual preference.It ha... Read More »

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A question I'm curious about--- pro-choice vegetarians?

My stance on both vegetarianism and the abortion issue is just that... it is a CHOICE for each individual person as to what they will eat, and what they would do with a pregnancy. Myself, I CHOOSE ... Read More »

A question about wine?

All wines need time to mature - the better the wine the longer it will take and the longer the wine will last. But none will last for ever. And, no, wines don't get stronger with age. A 14.5%abv wi... Read More »

STUDENT LOAN QUESTION: I was curious about whether you could be put in jail for defaulting on student loans?

You cannot be put in jail for defaulting on your loans because there is no debtor's prison in the U.S. Also, you cannot have your education revoked because of bad debt. However, your Alma Mater may... Read More »

How to Make your guests curious about your child’s curious George party?

Kids are very much like little monkeys; they get into mischiefs as soon as they get an opportunity. For these playful tots, nothing can be better than a Curious George Birthday Theme party. Like an... Read More »