Question about curious symptoms from partaking overly much of wine...?

Answer It sounds like you are suffering from a "bangover". It's like a "hangover", except it results from the mixture of too much alcohol and too many good friends of questionable sexual preference.It ha... Read More »

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Ok really random question but i'm curious..?

So, you do a poll, BUT BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE RESULT, YOU'RE DOING ANOTHER ONE ! ! ! What a strange thing to do - and in any case, we all know that a best answer gets 10 points at least - AND ... Read More »

A question I'm curious about--- pro-choice vegetarians?

My stance on both vegetarianism and the abortion issue is just that... it is a CHOICE for each individual person as to what they will eat, and what they would do with a pregnancy. Myself, I CHOOSE ... Read More »

Im just bored and curious kind of question...?

I certainly would not try to pass. The best thing would be to call the police. Even if you don't have a cell phone, try to write down the plate number and description and the location. Then you ... Read More »

Just a curious question ~ Were any movie scenes shot anywhere near where you live?

Lol I was gonna say Saving Private Ryan too. I can't really think of any other movies that were shot near me.