Question about clubbing in NYC, 10 points, anyone:)?

Answer Take the polish I'd they won't know and a copy of the passport is pretty lame but also the NYC ids you can get them cheap on timesquare and well done

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I keep losing points when asking a question, who do I talk to. My points should be over 230 yet it says 218 ?

Since you lose 5 points every time you ask a question you need to make sure you are answering more questions.Or you could just answer questions till you build up your points and then start asking q... Read More »

Sky+ question please help *10 points*?

Yes - you need to program the Sky remote control to match the make and model of your TV set.Be aware that not all tv sets are supported , and it also depends on how up to date your Sky handset is (... Read More »

C++ endl question! Help please :) 10 POINTS!?

Act! 10.0 Question, 10 Fast points?

If you have not created a lot of data for that field, then it would be better to do an ADD instead of RENAMING an existing field..