Question about child care discipline laws- what is the law and what do you think?

Answer In most states, the school boards do not allow teachers to lay hands on children for any form of discipline. There are a few exceptions...usually for teachers and aides who work with children with... Read More »

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A question about working at child care center?

most centers in most states are required to do a crimminal background check through child protective services and/or the state highway patrol (fingerprints required here). so your crime will show ... Read More »

Child Discipline Laws?

Controversy surrounds child discipline laws in the United States. States interpret the laws in different ways and these laws and administrative regulations vary as to the appropriate forms of disci... Read More »

How about a positive discipline question for a change?

1. I praise them when I see them doing something good on their own like chores, sharing etc...2. I tell them ahead of time what I expect out of them for example when we go to the store, I tell them... Read More »

How to Communicate About Child Discipline in a Marriage?

Even if you and your spouse generally agree on how and when you will discipline your children, conflicts are likely to arise at some point. Your style of discipline often comes from your own upbrin... Read More »