Question about buying a plotter?

Answer Hi MarcusPlotters are expensive and I hope you lan on doing a lot. Roland and H make good plotters and they are not cheap have to figure on the price of ink cartridge. Plotters usually h... Read More »

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Question about buying a macbook.?

Do you really need a laptop? I suggest you bring a desktop and a spiral notebook, and see if you actually have use for a laptop. I was under the delusion that every college kid needed a laptop, spe... Read More »

Question about buying HDtv?

I would say that there will not be any real noticeable difference... That being said, you could go with 1080p for not much difference in price. Here is a list sorted by bestselling on Amazon:http:/... Read More »

Question about Buying cigars online?

Personally, I am a cigar smoker and I enjoy it. I am also an adult. Your package will arrive and you will be set if you order online. It is a personal decision that you make as an adult. Will you b... Read More »

Question about buying a bong*For use of tobacco*?

i recently went back to acrylic after years of using glass and always breaking the slide. the acrylic ones are good, the slide is good, there is nothing toxic about it. they are solid. go for it.