Question about blocking people on facebook?

Answer Some times they can and other times they can't....ppl have me blocked and i can see their comments on pictures but not on statuses xx

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Facebook blocking question?

if u block him, he wont be able to view ur profile nor see it in search results for ur name. but if hes smart enough then he will figure out that u blocked him. either that or he will think that u... Read More »

Facebook question about adding people?

Are you annoyed by the spam question Stalking people on FaceBook Don't lie.. :O?

Yes it's annoying, it's a complete scam some people think that it's real and people have starred it. I always report them cuz it's actually a robot .There is another one like that and it's called "... Read More »

Blocking on Facebook!?

Yes even though you blocked him on facebook and your sister tagged you in a photo he will still be able to see the post because your sister is friends with him that you blocked.Hope this helps?