Question about bleaching dyed medium brown hair and redying it!!!?

Answer You don't need to strip the color out completely to go from medium/light brown to blonde. If you do that, the champagne blonde you're going after will turn out orange, and it will fade very fast. A... Read More »

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A question about bleaching my hair?

If you have a heat source (ie: a hooded dryer chair), use the 10. If not, use 20. 10 will lift, but usually requires the heat to help.

If my hair is dyed red, and I wanted to put a blonde streak in it without bleaching...?

the cosmotologist is right if you want a blonde streak you cant make it blonde without using bleach which isnt good so i suggest going and getting a blonde highlight done at a salon my hair is dye... Read More »

What would happened if I dyed my hair blonde if I have red/brown hair?

No actually if you have reddish hair or even brown dying it blonde yourself will most likely turn it a orange color, go with a light brown that is a cool shade to tone down the reddish color.

How to Fix Hair Dyed With Ash Brown?

You thought that ash brown would be a subtle transition from blonde to brunette, but the home dye you've applied has come out horribly wrong -- either it's too dark, blotchy and uneven or brassy. N... Read More »