Question about bleaching dyed medium brown hair and redying it!!!?

Answer You don't need to strip the color out completely to go from medium/light brown to blonde. If you do that, the champagne blonde you're going after will turn out orange, and it will fade very fast. A... Read More »

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If my hair is dyed red, and I wanted to put a blonde streak in it without bleaching...?

the cosmotologist is right if you want a blonde streak you cant make it blonde without using bleach which isnt good so i suggest going and getting a blonde highlight done at a salon my hair is dye... Read More »

How to Fix Hair Dyed With Ash Brown?

You thought that ash brown would be a subtle transition from blonde to brunette, but the home dye you've applied has come out horribly wrong -- either it's too dark, blotchy and uneven or brassy. N... Read More »

Can i dye my hair brown right after bleaching it.?

I would give it two weeks before doing that, but if you must, use a SEMI or DEMI permanent. It's much less damaging than permanent.

How to Dye Your Hair Brown After It Has Been Dyed Black?

Did you dye your hair black and now want to dye it brown? You can fix this problem fairly simply, but here are some ways to do it that minimize damage to your hair.