Question about birth control (girls only please)?

Answer Being a virgin doesn't mean you cannot be on birth control. I am still a virgin and I've been on birth control since I was 14 (due to period irregularity). It's like a regular doctor's visit. They'... Read More »

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Is this off (Question about bra sizing, so, girls only, please (: )?

Well, you either measured wrong or Target has wrong bra sizes which is probably unlikely! To be sure I would go to Victorias Secret and get a professional fitting to get the right fitting. Theres n... Read More »

I have a question about birth control?

Yes, because of the way your body changes after having a kid.If you want that because of the fact that it's long lasting and you don't have to remember to take it, there are other options like that... Read More »

Personal question.. girls only please?

It's normal.Since you are 17, you are totally hormonal. The big cup difference will definitely go away, and you will be more symmetrical, but when you are an adult, one is usually slightly larger t... Read More »

Girls only!!: question please open!!!?

Dude, I am in the EXACT SAME situation as you right now. Sorry to break it to you, but medicine is the only really effective way. BUT, I hear bananas help. I tried it and it didn't do crap for me, ... Read More »