Question about being vegan?

Answer no, it's not a vegan meal. How well you can remain a vegan is actually pretty individual. It does get easier as you get older. If you're making choices when you can and you're trying your best then... Read More »

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I have a question about what is and isn't okay as a vegan?

Dear Sophia, As a strict vegan, you must eat no meat.Especially chicken!!!

Vegan Diet Question ?

can't eat animal products. meat, dairy, eggs, honey (it's the bees source of food during the winter, and baby bee's food, and commercial apiaries even replace it with sugar water and let them die o... Read More »

Vegan diet question!!?

Vegans don't eat animals or animal products, so most pop is okay. The majority of us also don't have most white sugars (because they get animal bone char through the filtration process) and red dye... Read More »

Question on being vegan and skin changing?

if you were deficient in vitamin a, and are getting enough now, you could notice a difference --yale.edui lost 40 pounds over a year or so running and lifting weights, and people said they noticed... Read More »