Question about an old Vinyl looking DVD thing?

Answer I'm guessing it's a laser disk. A format that never really took off.

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Doing the fun question thing again, You know you're a parent when...?

When you have to wipe the projectile poop off your shirt and walls, and bed, and floor, only to smile when doing so and laughing about it then saying to baby "You're a lil poopy pants, yes you are,... Read More »

Facebook question, anyone knows why this thing keeps happening?

Does it Say That your Blocked Or Does it Say Do you Know the Person if Either One of those appears than You cant Send that Person a Friend Request

Question about Pinterest (Your opinion not a fact thing)?

I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but my inclination would be to break up any board with thousands of pins into multiple smaller boards with a more specific focus. If I like one of your bo... Read More »

Your contractor said he would use Tvek house wrap under the vinyl siding and the house has something called Easy Gard is this the same thing?

Answer easy Gard EasyGard is not a DuPont product, unlike some apparent claims made at Home Improvement Stores. Qingdao G & E Bio-Polytex Company LtdA makes EasyGard (also known as G & E Houseguard... Read More »