Question about an old Vinyl looking DVD thing?

Answer I'm guessing it's a laser disk. A format that never really took off.

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Question about Pinterest (Your opinion not a fact thing)?

I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but my inclination would be to break up any board with thousands of pins into multiple smaller boards with a more specific focus. If I like one of your bo... Read More »

Looking for an Excel expert- specific question about creating a database?

It can be done, in Excel, using VBA userforms, macros/event handlers. However, you are operating in a Google Docs environment and I am not sure it has the exact functionality as Excel. Also, for ... Read More »

Question about people looking at your photos when you go to develope them.?

some photo developing centers need to check the photos developed just to insure that all were taken good and no red spots or dirts or ink spots, etc. but they must not tell you whether they know yo... Read More »

I just bought a used iPod and admit to not knowing a thing about them. My question is, how do I download...?

it's been a long time for me to download anything like that but during installation it should say something like "convert all previous files to quicktime" and you should be able to "uncheck" that o... Read More »