Question about ace bandage?

Answer Haha. I loose those ALL the time. Safety pins work well or a quick wrap around with some bandage or athletic tape... heck... any tape will work! I get the ones with velcro now!I'm guessing you don'... Read More »

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Eye bandage question?

You should keep it on for about 10-14 days. Eye injury can cause someone to need one.

What is done to prevent a bandage from shifting in place when applying an emergency bandage to the head?

Wrap the bandage at least once underneath the chin and back around the head to keep it in place.

Should I use a bandage ......?

I had my grandma, mother and a doctor tell me that air is a healing aid. I would go with that, so leave the bandage off.

How to Bandage a Finger?

Finger injuries range from minor scrapes and cuts to wounds as major as a fingertip amputation. Anytime the skin barrier is broken, infection can occur. Hands are exposed to many different bacteria... Read More »