Question about a possible spider bite?

Answer I've never seen a spider bite cause blisters, and if you are playing with the spiders there is a chance for a bite, but I have never been bitten by anything indoors.If these become inflamed, it may... Read More »

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How concerned should I be about a possible spider bite?

If it is a Brown Recluse you HAVE to see a Dr. There may be other spiders just as bad.

Possible spider bite?

Well you can never be to safe basically go see them and they might say take this for a week boom your better it's probably nothing but you can never be to safe.

Possible SPIDER Bite Help!?

Pus is a sign of infection,not venom. This is not a spider bite.This sounds more like a sin infection, possibly staph.Soaking in HOT water or a hot towel treatment usually helps these heal, and if ... Read More »

Spider bite question?

There are very few spiders that may cause an injury that would leave a scar.It won't be a house spider or wolf spider.Perhaps a brown recluse, if you live in the region they are found.A black widow... Read More »