Question about a camcorder...?

Answer Hi don't worry much abt support to transfer the video onto the computer. Buy a camera with flash memory for easy transfer to a computer. even mini DV and DVD cameras which are quite popular come wi... Read More »

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Question about a Cannon fs100 camcorder?

I really don't know the answer...But I looked it up. :)Must be of some help.

My question is about copying DVDs from my camcorder?

If you can get NERO to work, it will do it. If I start with a fresh installation of Windows XP and a fresh installation of NERO, NERO will work for a while. Don't interrupt NERO with a mouse or k... Read More »

Thinking about buying a camcorder~ But know nothing about them.?

Camcorder Question ?

Windows Movie Maker is actually designed for any camcorder you can attach with Firewire. This includes the Digital8, miniDV, and HDV models. WMM will capture vide directly from Digital8 and miniDV ... Read More »