Question about YouTube link....?

Answer When you go to the page of your selected video, you will see a box with "Embed" written on its left side. Copy the code inside the box and paste it to your web page's code.But if you coudn't get it... Read More »

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What are your favourite FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEOS Please post a link of them/it in answer to this question?

the emmy show is hilarious but in the search bar you have to type theemmyshow its hilarious!!!

How do I stop youtube from asking me to link my google account with my youtube account?

there should be a cancel or some kind of cross button just to get rid of it, i have a google account but it still keeps on coming up :/

How to Link YouTube to MySpace?

In the past few years social networking has revolutionized the way we communicate with other people. Many social networking websites offer unique ways to stay connected or reconnect with people we ... Read More »

How do you make the link between YouTube and Google?

Ah! Yes! I had this same problem and, like Tofude, completely gave up. Hope you have better luck than me. I'll give you a star.