Question about WinRAR files ?

Answer Reinstall Winrar.

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How Do You Unzip Winrar Files?

Zipped .rar files are files which have been made into smaller pieces that have been compressed so users can download, upload, and unpack content quickly. WinRAR is a utility program which is used t... Read More »

How to Hide Files in WinRAR?

WinRAR integrates a powerful encryption program to protect your data from unauthorized users. However, when you enable encryption, the file names are still visible. This means that even if prying e... Read More »

How to Download Split WinRar Files?

WinRAR is a powerful archiving and compression tool. It enables computer users to place several computer files into an "archive" file and then compress each file in the archive down to smaller than... Read More »

Help!! Question about computer files!!?

A text file just holds plain text, while a MS Work or spreadsheet can hold clipart, pictures, and lots of other things. The only real difference between them is the formatting.