Question about Toothpaste?

Answer Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. You should buy a treatment. Its like in a tiny little tube From clearasil or clean and clear. It cleared my acne in just a couple of dayss!

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Toothpaste question!!!!!!!!!!!?

You'll be fine.My brother used to sneak in and eat tooshpaste in the night.

Question about fluoride in toothpaste?

Hi Kasey Pink.......I think you are right to be concerned. Other than what others have said with regards the potential harms of fluoride and possible intent behind some of the fluoridation, they us... Read More »

Does toothpaste with whitener whiten teeth more than regular toothpaste?

On One Hand: There Might Be Some ChangeMany studies have been performed on whitening toothpastes and some indicate a minimal change in tooth color. In 2006, a Consumer Reports study resulted in a s... Read More »

With a whitening toothpaste should I be using a normal toothpaste aswell?

If you want white teeth, buy some strawberries and use the skin to polish your teeth. It works pretty well.If they're really stained, try baking soda and lemon juice. Put some baking soda on a toot... Read More »