Question about TV sizes?

Answer it depends if your TV is a widescreen or not.Most widescreens have a ratio of 16:9. If you remember Algebra, you can use the pythagorean equation to figure out the tv screen's height and width.for... Read More »

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Question About Bras and sizes.?

@Yello What are you, gay? We're talking about **** man, shut the crap up. Now, back to the boobs. Man, do I love boobs. Some guys consider themselves @ss men, but I am DEFINITELY a boob man. Put h... Read More »

Question about photo sizes.....?

Use Microsoft Word, if you have it, to arrange the photo in the area of a 8 by 10, 4 by 6 and so forth. You can also add a line of type and make it look like a professional did the framingUsing th... Read More »

Hi, Vegan question about portion sizes?

I am a vegitarian, not a vegan, but I still feel as though I can help. You arnt over eating at all. You just choose to eat more than others because others are eating different things. Try more frui... Read More »

Fun Activities About Sizes for Preschools?

Introduce the concept of sizes to your preschoolers using enjoyable, hands-on activities. Help them learn vocabulary to describe the size of various objects. Teach them important sorting and sequen... Read More »