Question about Lo Loestrin birth control pill?

Answer I have tried taking loestrin a couple of times and experienced the same thing every time: really bad breakouts and oilier skin. I swear it gave me the skin of a teenage boy in puberty the first mon... Read More »

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Could i have unprotected sex on lo loestrin fe birth control?

Read the paper that comes with the pills. Most birth controls that I know of say to wait a week before having sex without another form of birth control. However, they say that if you start the firs... Read More »

Do you know anything about the pill Anyone else on marvellon birth control?

It can take a while to settle onto the pill.Just about anything can be normal to start with.See your GP if you're worried.

I have a question about birth control?

Yes, because of the way your body changes after having a kid.If you want that because of the fact that it's long lasting and you don't have to remember to take it, there are other options like that... Read More »

A question about the side effects of birth control?

Hi Rachel - long time, no see. Yes, this can almost certainly be linked to your birth control pills. It also isn't really considered all that normal for it to be that extreme. I would call your doc... Read More »