Question about Installing Windows XP?

Answer Yes, you certainly can do it. Make sure to follow all the succeeding instructions well.

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I got a question about installing a scanner on Windows 7?

the scanner manufacturers website may have updated W7 drivers, though older models for many manufacturers were never included in the W7 updates. If there are drivers for Vista you can install these... Read More »

Question about installing linux (ubuntu)?

this is what u need to do for all Linux distributions.You need a root partition where Linux will be installed. You need a home partition which will contain all ur music, files, etc, and ur own prog... Read More »

About installing windows 7?

RAM will still be a problem.   Hard drive space may still be a problem -- you don't say what the total size of your hard drives is.  My suspicion is that if you have trouble finding 16 GB of har... Read More »

Question about windows upgrading.?

If you upgrade from Windows XP, you would have to do a Windows 7 custom or clean installation that means all your software and files from Windows XP would be gone. You would need all your software... Read More »