Question about Hair..?

Answer Messy buns and regular pony tails look good on everyone i especially think pony tails look cute on people with bangs !:) u could also leave ur bangs down and scrunch the rest of ur hair with some ... Read More »

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Question about a situation im sure we have all thought about.. Pubic hair in labour?

I used to trim and keep it neat but towards the end I was too big and too tired to care, haha. doctors have seen it all. no one is going to say either, for god's sake! how rude would that be. reall... Read More »

Question about hair and hair wraps?

Well I've had quite a few hair wraps so, 1. If you leave them in long enough, they MIGHT fall out, but I have always cut mine. They barely take any hair so it's not even noticeable. Also, there's n... Read More »

Question about my hair?

sounds like a good plan! make sure you're using a really good shampoo and conditioner too. and get professional deep conditioning treatments after each lightening and then use an at home mask onc... Read More »

Question About My Hair:)?

I actually use sun in, i just started like a month ago, and when i used it and i have dark brown hair. When i used it, it barely worked but turned into a lighter shade and it doesent really damage ... Read More »