Question about Buying cigars online?

Answer Personally, I am a cigar smoker and I enjoy it. I am also an adult. Your package will arrive and you will be set if you order online. It is a personal decision that you make as an adult. Will you b... Read More »

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Trusted sites for buying cigars online?

I like or . will ship Cubans. They ship all cigars without labels then ship the labels separately. Personally, I have never been impressed by cubans. My favorite... Read More »

Question about buying groceries from tesco online?

Hi , yes this happened to us , we still got the £10 discount .

Anyone know where to buy cigars/online in India, indian site only?

Try this site its a favourite of mine.

Question about buying a plotter?

Hi MarcusPlotters are expensive and I hope you lan on doing a lot. Roland and H make good plotters and they are not cheap have to figure on the price of ink cartridge. Plotters usually h... Read More »