Question About building A computer?

Answer Looks fine.You would need to know the part number of the RAM to be sure it is compatible.The Asus RAM compatibility list for that board can be viewed here.â€... Read More »

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Question about building subways?

Adding to the other good answers, as has been mentioned, New York sits on solid rock, which is one of the reasons that it was a pioneer in building skyscraper buildings (once the elevator had been ... Read More »

Building a computer, Question ( please help)?

If it were up to me, I would choose this…and…and…andhttp://www.newegg.c... Read More »

Question about Computer?

you shouldn't have to be safe mode for internet, thats really too slow, was it always like this, if yes, then maybe your video graphics card needs upgrading, but not likely if you have new compute... Read More »

Question about computer storage?

Yes, there are loptops with 2HDD's, and sometimes it is one spinning and one solid state. It could even be a hybrid with the 20GB SSD as part of the drive.It is one of two purposes.Either, the 20GB... Read More »