Question About Some Java Code?

Answer Hate to say it, but it looks suspicious to me.It is doing very suspicious things such as encrypting and decrypting certain strings to obfuscate what it is truely doing.I decrypted the string that i... Read More »

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Question about Java Array?

You would mostly use them for short list and things like that. However there are much better options for storing list, especially long ones such as ArrayList and other data structures stuff like th... Read More »

Can any one give me some source code of building a compiler I badly need it, yet I prefer it in Java or C++?

Question about some rims for fiat 500?

Amazing - now we're getting people posting questions in the RAIL section, and their question doesn't even contain the word "train".The ol' Cinquecento doesn't run on flanged wheels, my friend. And ... Read More »

Question about some female plumbing issues...?

I'm thinking that this doesn't quite belong in Maintenance and Repairs. You could have a plumber check it out, but a gynecologist would probably be a better option.