Question About MacBook Pro With Retina DIsplay ?

Answer Hz means Hertz, which is a unit of frequency. This has nothing to do with the size of the display, it has to do with either the speed of the processor or the refresh rate of the screen depending on... Read More »

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MacBook pro (13-inch) with retina display?

I' would advise you to wait,even though it's just a rumor, chances are, it's likely to hold true that the rMBP 13inch will be releasing near the coming of October. Before you buy, know your option,... Read More »


i say no. 1) while you have retina display, just get a normal macbook. the screens are so similar and yeah you may be able to see stuff sharper its not worth it.2) no cd drive! this is what ticks m... Read More »

When is the retina display MacBook pro 13 inch coming out?

Get the 13" MBP Retina and don't look back till 2016 for what is next.

How long can you game on the new Macbook Pro Retina Display?

The best choice is to look at the online a comparatively high nature price notebook computer, more suitable for playing games. The general condition, as long as you take care of your computer, ther... Read More »