Question About "Incomplete" Protein?

Answer Hi Hannibal, Just a quick comment on the part of the question where you inquired about 5 gms of protein plus 5 gms of protein possibly being equal to 10 gms of protein. From a chemistry or molecula... Read More »

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Protein Shake question?

drink a protein shake after your workout. after a workout, your muscles seek protein to build with. my husband buys the powdered stuff that you mix in with water or milk. its at walmart for 20 bux... Read More »

Nutrition question about protein?

you want to eat it to a close time when you work out. more muscle will develop faster.=]

How do we as veg*ns respond to the protein question?

Its amazing how YOU always get these 'meat eaters' questioning you.Don't you think its more likely that YOU start by insulting anybody that doesn't comply with your own personal ideals, and then in... Read More »

Why Is It That Whenever Someone Asks A Question About Protein...?

people just love to get in the business of those who are different. when i started to explore options for protein outside of meat, my friends were totally grossed out and said things like "why tort... Read More »