Question About Drugs and alcohol?

Answer This is what I know:Young people that have unstable home lives, live abusive homes, and especially have parents that do drugs and alcohol normally have a high risk factor to start to abuse drugs an... Read More »

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Plays about drugs, alcohol, or tobacco?

"Rent", well that was a musical. But there was a girl who nearly died from heroin in it. You could just base a play off River Phoenixe's life for drugs, and on Duff Mckagan for alchohol. Just chang... Read More »

Games to Teach Children About Drugs & Alcohol?

Instructing our children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol is one of the most important things we do. In the 1970s, districts waited until high school to teach drug and alcohol awareness. By t... Read More »

How do you start the conversation with your teen about turning down drugs and alcohol?

Well, the first tip (which may be too late for you, but for other readers) is don't start the conversation when they're a teen. This is a conversation that needs to start by third grade. Sadly, k... Read More »

Question about xanax and alcohol?

This is not an exact science, it's kinda hard to do research on this topic :-)What we do know is that if you mix xanax with alcohol, you can experience respiratory depression, meaning you can stop ... Read More »