Question About Drinking?

Answer Your pretty light but I still doubt that one beer would do too much to you. At that weight you would probably get a slight buzz which would go away pretty fast. I would recommend anywhere from 4-6 ... Read More »

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Question about drinking pepsi?

No, it should not unless you are allergic or anything?

Question about drinking in Las Vegas?

I have seen it done, price varies from bar or club to club. But it is a fun thing to do.

We all hear about the positives but what about the negatives of drinking water?

Besides making a person go to the bathroom too often they are alot of chemicals in our water systems these days that can cause infections or sicknesses. That's why those filters are very helpful.

Drinking question.....?

Blended drinks arent too bad on the stomach. Such as Daquiri's, or pina coladas. You don't have to shy away from your typical "this" and coke drinks either. Just ask for a tall with less ice, t... Read More »